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Topic: Science , STEM

Year Level
  • Kindergarten
  • Pre-primary
  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Year 4
  • Year 5
  • Year 6
  • Year 7
  • Year 8
  • Year 9
  • Year 10
  • Year 11
  • Year 12
Content Type
  • Program/Overview
  • Teacher
Learning Area
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Technologies

On this page

Curriculum Resource Modules

The curriculum resource modules are intended for teachers interested in integrated STEM teaching and learning approaches that engage students in collaborative learning to solve authentic, real world problems.


Animal rescue

Roads often separate natural landscapes. A variety of animals in urban and rural settings need to cross roads to access resources such as food, water, breeding sites or mates. This is often hazardous for both animals and people in the vehicle. Unfortunately many animals and some people are injured or killed when vehicles collide with animals.


Chair for bears

Designing furniture is a real-world problem that challenges STEM knowledge and creativity. Well-designed furniture is ergonomic, safe, comfortable, durable and pleasing to the eye.


Water flow

In this module, students discuss the importance of water and discover effective ways of transporting it to meet personal and community needs.

Resource template


Resource template Kindergarten to Year 2

A STEM learning module should encourage learning that is student-led and teacher-facilitated, and have an open-ended problem-solving approach. Problem solving involves an intellectual struggle that provides opportunities for higher-order thinking, reasoning and creativity.

Professional Learning Modules

Online professional learning modules are available for teachers to encourage deeper exploration of the pedagogical principles that underpin the curriculum resource modules.

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