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Year 12

Year Level
  • Year 7
  • Year 8
  • Year 9
  • Year 10
  • Year 11
  • Year 12
Content Type
  • Program/Overview
  • Career practitioner
  • Deputy Principal
  • Educator
  • Principal
  • School leader
  • Teacher
Learning Area
  • Career and Enterprise
  • VET

Year 12 Career learning lessons mapped to the ABCD

Year 12 Career learning lessons mapped to the Australian Blueprint for Career Development (ABCD).


Year 12 Lesson 1 - Career support after school

Students will develop an awareness of the career and life supports available to them in their post school environment using the School Leavers Information Kit (SLIK).


Year 12 Lesson 2 - TISC presentation

Students view the Year 12 Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC) presentation to develop an understanding of the processes for application to university and the support and information that is available.


Year 12 Lesson 3 - Information handbook

Students will know how to access and navigate the Year 12 Information Handbook, published by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority, to equip themselves with information they need to make informed choices.


Year 12 Lesson 4 - Your digital footprint

Students will understand what a digital footprint is and why it is important to be mindful of their online content and privacy.


Year 12 Lesson 5 - Work in the 21st century

Students will develop an understanding of the skills and capabilities that will be required for success in the world of work.


Year 12 Lesson 6 – Self-marketing and personal statements

Students will develop an understanding of the importance of creating a personal statement that reflects their skills, knowledge and aspirations.


Year 12 Lesson 7 – The benefits of using labour market information

Students will develop an awareness of labour market information and how it can be used to guide occupation or career pathway planning decisions.


Year 12 Lesson 8 – Life after Year 12

Students will explore various options for life after Year 12 and develop their own career pathway plan.

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